Split w​/​Things Fall Apart, City of Ifa and vowel

by Light Black

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released December 25, 2012

Album art by Fritz Kappler



all rights reserved


Light Black Boulder, Colorado

Paul, Dylan & Theo

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Track Name: Robot House
It's been four years now
And it feels like the world is still ending
We laid ourselves into Murphy's equation,
Just like we walked away from that lifeless body.

Joined forever, permanence adjusted to full circle

Sometimes I want to call, mutter out futile intangible words.
Like the swan song of burning out nerves, laying on the death bed.
It's so redundant and it makes me sick.

I tried hard, so hard to meet the acquaintance of every chemical compound, it's not natural and what is?
Still so helpless, fallen victim to a hierarchy of the cerebral cortex.

It's been four years now,
And it feels like my life is still ending
How many clues to find my way
Measured by the time I still find myself lost

If this is a story, then the content is useless, the pages must be skipped.
I'm just trying to find the end
Not worried where point B is
Just wishing A never had existed
Track Name: Beeekman
every step we create,
more dust to collect to sit on our shelves
sitting still, static noise
understanding the silent void we fill
when you walk, when you run
know that you're staying still
until you hear the siren call
begging you, hoping you come back
stay until, i am light, not a sigh
i am light, not a sigh
i am light, not a sigh