Ex Wives

by Light Black

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released April 20, 2012

Paul Hundeby & Walter Kappler
City Pro Recording



all rights reserved


Light Black Boulder, Colorado

Paul, Dylan & Theo

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Track Name: Ex Wives
a conversation was started the other day
it had no intentions of having a conclusion
an old man was trying to make me feel grateful
he talked about love, sadness, and life
wrapped it up neatly in a bow
left there at my feet as if i was some sort of doorstep

well I've been feeling like one lately
people trying to get past me
and inside the warmth of not looking back
at least they're happy
it takes a lot of hard work to make happiness
I'm glad it's easy for some
taking a cold shoulder to the aching agonies of caring

it hurts but it tells me I'm alive
sometimes I feel the warmth
take comfort in it, feeling accomplished
though my soul is broken down, a second rate engine
my body is a poorly crafted house,
no heater for the winter
foundation never settled
but i swear i feel the warmth
signed my life away to you
when we stood upon the altar
you were the most beautiful being
anyone had thought they've ever seen
but now the fire goes out
and you're not there
Track Name: Golden Santa
(Part One)

"Counting the volumes I've stored here
hidden in the back of our office.
I'm writing in them,
hoping one day our children will find them.
Will they understand why we did this to them?
But everyone chooses sides,
and life's a bitch.

Now I'm forging frequencies
and cutting puzzle pieces.
You had every part of me I could give.
The rest was just empty space.
Our family deceases,
forward motion repeating.
The asinine reasons
my good will is allergic."
Track Name: Todd Packer
(Part Two)

"The one time i couldn't
resolved you and me
we go down and in-completion completes us

forward motion repeating
our family deceases
the asinine reasons
my good will is allergic

If I never live to see,
whatever happened to you and me.
Replicate an entity,
forward motion still repeating."
Track Name: Leather Daddy
I loved myself,
Too long, too late
My soul was cleverly crafted
Within deadly traps
Truly beautiful, hidden within a Mayan city.
Now I'm writing a farewell letter to this place
A suicide note, it's truly coming from the inside.
I leave everything to you,
though you took it anyways
What is the product of our love
when we no longer want it
what do we do?
we made a life, turned around, and destroyed ours
he just sat and watched,
as his final breath drew near

Doctor, what is your diagnosis?
I'm not feeling too fucking well
my life has been pretty sick
just one more pill till overdose
I think I'm over it

The hospital bed that damn cold bed
We laid upon, he threw caution in the wind
Took hold, gave way, and there it went.
It's always nice to live life so carefree
But now we are nothing.
Track Name: My Big Gay Greek Wedding
An old family photo is all we have now
Looking back it was all kinds of ironic
Foundations were made over and over again
What was it for? I'm not so sure anymore.
Putting the past behind and creating sight
Did you Know all along?
My god I hope you didn't

Us, was it us?

Left a sharp pain inside, frost bitten
It will go numb soon.
Oh it hurts but it tells me I'm alive
Sometimes I feel the warmth,
but I'm still feeling dead inside.
Track Name: Clouds
oh and we're here again,
let this moment be another.
right now peripherals aren't responding
color you out, white as clouds
the vessel is blind
keep it steady now
so steady now
i'm choking on these waves
slowly sinking, so comfortable below the sea
you're the captain of this ship
but i don't see you down here with me
sinking blind vessel
keep me steady now
so steady now
Track Name: Corporate
you took something from me
you stole, i know it
bamboozled, got lucky
you must return,
give back what is not yours
give it back to me
the one time you could of had it
took your chance and grabbed it
you got lucky but now you must hide
for i will find you
and i will find you
for i will find you
and i will find you
the best part about me
is the worst part about me
if i had never came out
they would if love him just the same
if i had never found out
i would of loved her just the same
everything you had put faith in
now turns gray and old
i don't want to be apart of me
it took one night to plant me
one night to destroy me
this body is riddled with wrong
and it's here to welcome you,
welcome to the next take,
just enough for too much.
let it all in,
find a new something
if you give the world gold
and it keeps handing back shit
then find a new one
why was such a perfect thing made to die god?
are you really up there?
am i all alone?
was it all for nothing?
was i made to come to this?
maybe we're perfect for each other
but i'll never know.
i'm just so damn scared
as the chemicals take your face
artificial surgery will have it's place
for your sake honey, i hope you marry rich
and if my life's a collection of people i hate
i'll just stop collecting anything at all
and if it refuses to notice
then i'll let it precede to bath in ignorance
it's own stench will be it's overture
to the downfall of everything it thought it loved.
Track Name: Night Owls (Acoustic)
Complicated as we are,
notes on a grand scale,
though hardly ruffling a feather.
Oh night owl
Ill tell you when im cashing out
if you don't speak to me the names of your next prey.
Oh night owl,
I could prey on them for days
but i'd just lose more sleep.
I could pray for days
but complicated as we are,
its just not working out.
Track Name: Golden Santa Returns
what if i had told you i had been impersonating someone else
i was feeding you lines of some drugged up actor
reading from the script, i took pieces of it
forged and rearranged, in hoping to bring us back together again
but i guess life's not a movie
just a beginning and an end
and when people walk out they get nothing back
they just owe a lot more than before they went

i'm losing too much
and still asking for too little
i requested your love
but you just held up the card
the man held a sword
powerful and bored
if it's a royal flush you wanted
then you're not trying that hard
you put faith in fate
yet only bombard
these streets, our sheets
revets and stains
if losing you is worth it
i won't think twice again